Between the picturesque villages of Ploské and Ortáše, in the beautiful surroundings of the Slanské Hills, there is a remarkable natural phenomenon called Tuff Canyon. However, many will also know it under the name Ortášska ryha.

Tuffa Canyon is not big. It is rather a narrow, about 56 meters long canyon, which deepened the watercourse in the volcanic rock called tuff. There are nice erosive grooves and tuff rocks 5 to 12 meters high. Rock walls and cliffs are surrounded by oak forest, which offers excellent hiking opportunities.

Wildness and harshness of the canyon is also confirmed by the fact that everything is left to the nature itself and therefore the intervention of human activity is minimal. At the beginning of the valley, there is a quarry in which the tuff was once mined.

Access to the canyon is by road, which connects the village Ploské (about 1.5 km) and Ortáše, towards the forest on the right side of the road. The route is unpretentious, landscaping very varied, interesting and certainly suitable for families with small children.

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