The historical jewel of the city of Poltár is undoubtedly the local stone bridge, also called the Turkish Bridge. This material piece of history is said to have been left behind by the Turks themselves. However, this argument is not supported by any evidence.

The fact is that the majestic stone bridge dates back to the 17th century and is the third oldest preserved bridge of its kind in Slovakia. The length of the building is 35 m and the width is 5 m. The height of the upper edge above the surface of the river Ipeľ is 6 m. At present, it is a technical monument, which is admired daily not only by the domestic but also by the overseas.

Cars were driving on the bridge until 2004, but the tooth of time as well as external influences influenced its technical condition. The unique Turkish Bridge needs an unconditional reconstruction, therefore, the driveway to the bridge was forbidden and can be used only by pedestrians for small walks.

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