The beauty of the Volovské Hills consists also in their incredible rocks and rock formations of various shapes. It is also mostly wooded, large limestone ridge called Murovaná skala (Brick Rock), consisting of scattered boulders directly above the village of Kojšov.

The site is characterized by numerous rock formations, walls, openings, caves, abysses as well as rare fauna and flora. On the southern slope of Brick Rock, there are the most valuable formations, the so-called Turniská or Turne, which dominate the surrounding forest.

Turniská are a grouping of charming limestone towers and boulders arranged more or less in a circle. The rock towers reach a height of 30 - 60 meters. These monumental rocks are used mainly by climbers.

For ordinary tourists, the most attractive place will certainly be a massive rock gate called Klenba (The Vault) by the local inhabitants, or even the Turniská Tunnel, which is approximately 10 meters high, 15 meters wide and 20 meters long. It is the largest rock tunnel in eastern Slovakia.

This place has a unique charm especially in autumn, when the surrounding trees are wrapped in golden tones. Under the rock gate there is a well-arranged fireplace, where you can spread out and enjoy the beauty of this place. Klenba can also serve for emergency overnight.

The nature trail "Folkmarská and Murovaná skala" passes through the locality, where seven information boards are installed. The starting point is in the village of Kojšov (about 3 km) and the trail of nature trail ends in the village of Veľký Folkmár (in total about 8 km).

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