A spring called Studnička rises in a gentle slope not far from the village of Lúčnica nad Žitavou. According to oral tradition, in 19th century, horses once swamped into the wet soil at this point, and when they dug out, a spring of water came out of the ground. The population of the village built a stone well above the spring and the Boronkay noble family built a chapel of gratitude for the healing of the "Mrs High and Mighty".

The site includes planted greenery, a decorative lake, benches for rest and a place to roast and an information board. Benches come from the garden of the Presidential Palace in Bratislava, where they were discarded during the reconstruction.

Access to Studnička is on a field path from Vajka nad Žitavou - the local part of Lúčnica nad Žitavou and it takes about 10 minutes on foot.

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