In one of the most beautiful natural areas of Slovakia, in the National Park Slovak Paradise, beautiful natural corners and about 300 km of hiking trails are offered. One of these hiking trails will take you to the highest peak of the Volovské Hills - Veľká Knola. This charming and sought-after mountain lies between the saddles Grajnár and Čertova hlava (Devil's Head).

Its relatively little wooded peak will please every lover of endless views. The surrounding panorama is dominated mainly by Tatra peaks and the massif of Kráľova Hoľa. The lookout rose, which is located here, will also help to direct your eyes in the right direction. Beautiful views await you as you climb and descend.

The top felled area offers the perfect space to relax. You can spread out on a wooden bench, or just sit on the grass and enjoy the immense peace, tranquility and beautiful nature. Veľká Knola is part of the Knola Protected Area, where the fourth level of protection applies. There are several rare plant and animal communities.

Velka Knol can be reached on foot by unpretentious and pleasant pace along the marked hiking trails from Novoveska Huta (about 7 km) - the city part of Spišska Nová Ves, as well as from Hnilec, Hnilčík or Dedinky. Those who prefer comfort can go to the Grajnár saddle by car, but from there they have to manage it on foot.

You may need some: accommodation Mlynky
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