Between Kráľova hoľa and saddle of Čertovica, there is a beautiful grassy upland called Veľká Vápenica. Its height dominates the entire surroundings. Veľká Vápenica is a great choice if you want to experience the beauty of the unspoiled nature of the central part of the Kráľovohorské Low Tatras.

The southern slopes of Veľká Vápenica are covered with scrub, while the northern and north-eastern slopes are more coniferous. The peak itself is relatively flat, covered with scrub only in some places and decorated with bizarre rock shapes.

What you will most appreciate at the very top are breathtaking views that reach really far in clear weather. About 20 minutes drive from the summit, in Priehyba saddle, there is a tourist shelter as well as a source of drinking water.

The ascent to Veľká Vápenica is not difficult. The easiest access route leads from the village of Heľpa (about 7 km), but you can also go from the settlement of Pohorelská Maša.

You may need some: accommodation Heľpa
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