• Vrbovce 51, Vrbovce
The time required is approx. 20 minutes.
The time required is approx. 20 minutes.

The village of Vrbovce situated on the Slovak-Moravian border in the scattered settlement offers not only natural beauty, but also beautiful original architecture - simple, small houses of hardworking people. The village tries to preserve its folk character, traditions, customs and songs.

That is why the so-called "Vrbovčianska room", ie The Room of Vrbovce, which abounds in period furnishings, was established here. By entering the picturesque house, visitors will be transported several dozens of years back, to a time when people worked hard with their own hands and changed the face of the earth.

An interesting exposition of folk housing, crafts, work and festive costume as well as other exhibited traditional folk objects is here to remember the customs, roots and traditions of our ancestors, as well as the simplicity and beauty of everyday life.

Visiting the Room of Vrbovce must be agreed in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation district Myjava
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