In the vicinity of Sušiansky Grove, on the outskirts of the village Suchá nad Parnou, there is a water surface of the reservoir Suchá. Located in a beautiful forest environment with an unmistakable view of the Little Carpathians. This makes it a popular holiday destination especially during the warm summer months.

Suchá water reservoir offers perfect relaxation near the water along with bathing, lazing and enjoying the sun rays. However, bathing is at your own risk. The water reservoir is surrounded by grassy banks with gradual entry into the water.

The southern edge of the reservoir is surrounded by a cottage area. Many of the cabins are for rent and provide accommodation during the season. In the vicinity of the water reservoir, there are also varied refreshments. Suchá reservoir is easily accessible by car, but you can get here on foot or by bike.

You may need some: accommodation Suchá nad Parnou
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