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Waterworks Žilina is built on the river Váh near the city of Žilina. During the construction almost all part of the development of the Žilina district of Mojšová Lúčka, the whole local part of Hruština and several houses in the village of Mojš were flooded. The dam was put into operation in 1998.

The Žilina Waterworks is used for the production of electric energy and for the supply of technological water to industrial plants in Žilina. In addition, it is also a popular recreational place of Žilina and residents of surrounding villages.

On the right side of the water reservoir, there is a relaxation zone with several sports centers - skatepark or beach volleyball courts. Refreshments stalls are available for visitors. During the summer, there are also conditions for several water sports - rowing, windsurfing or yachting. However, the water tank is not intended for bathing.

A cycling route passes through the surroundings of the waterworks, leading from Budatin through Varín to Strečno. Asphalt pavement for pedestrians and in-line skaters is also built on the Žilina Waterworks.

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