Only you and divine peace. Around only trees and forest. Silence, occasionally you can hear birds sing. You can fully enjoy this in Hotel Plejsy. After a hearty breakfast, you can discover the beauty of the surroundings. Maybe you prefer sport, but after returning to the hotel, you will certainly appreciate the relaxation in the wellness center.

Plejsy SPA & Paradise will pamper you with indoor pool, whirlpool, Finnish, steam, herbal or infrared sauna. There is also a tepidarium. Recharge your strength, relax and take a rest for your body and mind.

Stay in 2-bed rooms and choose from stays for 2 to 6 nights. The price includes tasty half board and unlimited access to the hotel wellness.

Hotel Plejsy is located in Krompachy, in the Slovak Paradise. The local nature will excite everyone and meet the expectations of the most demanding visitors at any time of the year. In addition, a holiday in Spiš will be literally a paradise on earth for your children.

You can buy a discounted stay and you can find further information (including information about the time validity of the discount) on this website.

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Tourist map (GPS 48.90595, 20.89134)
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