Silická Plain hides a beautiful karst exsurgence, also known as Biela vyieračka (White exsurgence). There is no wonder about that, the locality is part of the Slovak Karst National Park.

White exsurgence is located on the road opposite Gombasecká Cave. About 1.5 km long marked hiking trail and cycling trail from the village Slavec lead here. In Slavec, there is also a train station. The way up to the plain towards the cave is quite challenging and especially during summer, all tourists appreciate a pleasant refreshment in the exsurgence.

Water in the exsurgence flows to the surface from the large slope debris. The supporting wall, from which the water flows, used to be used for water collection.

Exsurgences are characteristic for limestone karst territories, so if you go to this beautiful environment for hiking, you will surely find at least one of them, the so-called Black exsurgence.

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Jani • Feb 2021
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