The impressive peak called Biely kameň (White Stone) is located in the northeastern part of the volcanic mountain range Vtáčnik. It is a location where no tourist marked trail leads, and therefore this tour can be a bit more challenging.

The northern and eastern slopes of the Vtáčnik mountain range form a long and very steep rocky cliff representing an astounding demonstration of the columnar erosion of lava flows. The disintegration process is still in progress, and therefore, there is a risk offalling rocks.

White Stone Hill is a nature reserve with mixed forests and erosive rock amphitheater. From the top parts, you can enjoy a semicircular view of a large part of the country from the Greater Fatra to the Štiavnica Mountains.

Visiting the peaks or areas directly below the rock amphitheater is possible along the unofficial sidewalks, which are dangerous, and therefore need to be as careful as possible.

A red mark from the Veľký Grič towards Vtáčnik passess around the hill. The starting point for trips to this area can be the municipality of Cigeľ or town Handlová, over the hill of Veľký Grič or from the village of Podhradie.

You may need some: accommodation district Prievidza
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