In the village of Krajné Čierno, there is an ancient wooden church dedicated to St. Basil the Great standing. St. Basil is one of the most important Eastern saints. The wooden church was built in the village in the 18th century and is set on a stone foundation.

By its architecture, the church is one of the Byzantine sacral buildings where the Eastern Rite and the Church Liturgy of John Chrysostom are performed. It is a three-part, three-room and three-tower church with three crosses. At the top of each tower, there is a three-legged cross.

The interior features several rare icons, some of which date back to the 17th century. The iconostasis (National cultural monument) in the temple has a four-storey architecture on four floors. In addition, there is an interesting wardrobe made in Gothic style.

The wooden church in Krajné Čierne is one of the youngest wooden churches in the region of Svidník. The wooden temple in Krajné Čierne was one of the hundred most endangered monuments in the world, thanks to which it was able to obtain sufficient funds for the repair of the temple.

The Church of St.Bazil the Great belongs to the administration of the Greek Catholic parish office in Ladomir.

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