Another gem of the collection of beautiful Slovak wooden churches with immense historical and sacral value stands in the village of Lukov on the northern foot of Čergov Hills. The Greek Catholic wooden church of st. Cosmos and Damian was built in 1924.

As the only wooden church in Slovakia, it stands on a high stone base with a basement. The temple itself is three-roomed with a self-supporting three-level tower. The main and the tallest tower conceals the ancient bells from 1755 and 1886.

The interior and decoration of the church are in the spirit of Baroque style, while the entire beauty is complemented by the iconostasis from the 18th century or the altar with the central of St. Trinity and tempera on wood - The Last Judgment from the 16th Century.

From 2005 to 2008, the church underwent extensive reconstruction and is now a protected national cultural monument.

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