Biela hora (White Mountain) is the oldest recreation center in Zemplinská Šírava. It is just 3 km away from Michalovce. Its western edge is a beautiful forest park looking like cut out of a fairy tale. The resort is well-equipped to spend a full-fledged summer holiday here with everything that belongs to it.

In addition to swimming and bathing in Zemplínska šírava,you can also use the services of volleyball, mini-football and mini-golf courses and fully enjoy the sports activities.

You can also rent water bicycles, sail on the surface of the water reservoir and enjoy the excellent summer well-being.

Access to the resort is free. Accommodation is possible in the guest-house, but because the resort is characterized by a significant cottage settlement, it will be most ideal if you rent a cottage there.

There are plenty of buffet-style dining options, as well as a restaurants where you can indulge in local specialties.

The mountainous surroundings offer generous hiking and cycling activities thanks to the maintained forest paths.

You may need some: accommodation Michalovce
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