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Glanzenberg Mining Gallery
Museums and history

The history of the town of Banská Štiavnica is closely connected with mining of mineral resources as well as ores of precious and nonferrous metals. This historic and for...

Banská Štiavnica
Old Town Hall - City History Museum
Museums and history

The Old Town Hall in Bratislava is a historic building which is one of the oldest buildings in Bratislava.

It consists of several buildings, namely Jakub's House, Pawer'...

Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Natural History Museum in Bratislava
Museums and history

The Natural History Museum in Bratislava is part of the Slovak National Museum as an important natural science institution. The museum is located in a purpose-built build...

Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Museum of Liptov Village
Museums and history

If you want to go back to the ancient times of our ancestors and get to know their way of life as well as folk architecture, the right place is the Museum of the Liptov v...

Aviation Museum in Košice
Museums and history

The city of Košice is linked with a rich history of aviation. This was one of the reasons why the first Aviation Museum was established in the area of Košice Airport. It ...

Košice - Barca
Transport Museum
Museums and history

The Museum of Transport in Bratislava is a branch of the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice. The museum is located in the dormitory and adjacent warehouses of The first Br...

Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Michael's Gate - Museum of Weapons
Museums and history


The Michael's Gate in Bratislava used to be part o...

Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Rafts on Orava River
Museums and history

Rafting - today's romance, once it meant hard calluses of our old fathers. For centuries, rafts have been mainly used to carry constructional timber and various other goo...

Horná Lehota
State Theater Building in Košice
Museums and history

The city of Košice is the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia. Like our capital of Bratislava, Košice attracts many domestic and foreign tourists every year.

One of the histo...

Košice - Staré Mesto
Museums and history

Vlkolínec is one of the jewels of Slovak folk architecture. Its origins date back to the 14th century. Today, this picturesque submontane settlement is an administrative ...

TANAP Museum
Museums and history

If you are going for a trip to the Tatras, besides the beautiful tourist sites, make sure to visit the TANAP Museum (Tatra National Park Museum). This kind of museum will...

Tatranská Lomnica
Museum of Orava Village
Museums and history

The Orava Village Museum is probably the most famous Slovak open-air museum. It lies in the bosom of a beautiful Orava nature surrounded by the peaks of Roháče. You can f...

Sokolovňa - Museum Senica
Museums and history

The Senica Museum is currently in trial operation. Visits must be ordered via e-mail

The town of Senica has been located at the crossroads of trade rout...

Museum Painted on wood
Museums and history

Museum Painted on Wood was established in 2021, in the premises of the old Čičmany tavern. You can see in it a unique collection of folk-painted wedding wooden chests, em...

Museum of the Victims of Communism
Museums and history

A museum was established in Košice as a private initiative, the first of its kind in Slovakia, which commemorates the victims of communist repression and purges. The magn...

Košice - Staré Mesto
Holíč Megaliths
Museums and history

Holíč Megaliths (also known as Menhirs) are carved stones stored in a lapidary in the courtyard of one of the former manufactory buildings. They come from a prehistoric r...

Tatras inside - interactive tour
Museums and history

In the center of Starý Smokovec you will find a unique tour of the High Tatras under one roof in any weather. If you want to experience all the beauties and views that th...

Starý Smokovec
Kováčová water mill
Museums and history

We invite you to a interesting tour of the water mill, which originally belonged to the Andrássy family from Krásná Hôrka. Take a look at the original equipment and see h...

Digital gallery Poliankovo
Museums and history

The Poliankovo digital gallery and café represents the connection of art with modern digital technologies such as 3D projection, virtual reality, hologram and others. Usi...

Tatranská Polianka
Live Archeopark
Museums and history

Anyone who would like to travel a little in time and experience a return to the oldest periods of human history should visit the Live Archeopark in Hanušovce nad Topľou. ...

Hanušovce nad Topľou
Small Carpathian museum
Museums and history

The Small Carpathian museum in Pezinok is focused on the wine-growing and wine-growing tradition of the Small Carpathian region. More than half a century it is collecting...

Arteska House of Art
Museums and history

Arteska House of Art in the town of Detva is a private cultural center of modern visual arts providing space for students and non-professional artists to present their wo...

ZOYA Gallery&Museum
Museums and history

ZOYA Gallery&Museum presents the art of Slovak visual modernism as well as contemporary Slovak and world authors. These are basically two institutions - the ZOYA Gallery ...

Danube Region Museum - Zichy Palace
Museums and history

History of the Danube Region Museum in Komárno began in 1886, when the Historical and Archaeological Association of the Komárno County and the town of Komárno was founded...

Western Slovakia Museum
Museums and history

The Western Slovakia Museum in Trnava was founded in 1954, at that time as the Regional Museum with a homeland focus. Only in 1960 was its name changed to the current one...

Extinct church
Museums and history

The village of Radoľa near Kysucké Nové Mesto is one of the few that can boast of an important archaeological site in Kysuce, which abounds with the remains of a medieval...

Extinct medieval settlement of Šoldov
Museums and history

Location on the outskirts of the Sub-Tatran village of Štrba offers a mysterious way to the Middle Ages. In 1951-52 the foundations of the extinct medieval settlement of ...

Museum of Záhorie
Museums and history

The birth of museum activities in the sense of organizing collecting activities in 1881 - 1898 prompted the establishment of the Záhorie Museum in Skalica. It is a region...

Eastern Slovakia Gallery, Alžbetina St.
Museums and history

The Eastern Slovakia Gallery in Košice is historically the first regional gallery in the whole of Slovakia. Its main collecting program is documenting the visual life in ...

Košice - Staré Mesto
The Room of Vrbovce
Museums and history

The village of Vrbovce situated on the Slovak-Moravian border in the scattered settlement offers not only natural beauty, but also beautiful original architecture - simpl...