9.2 km
Observatory in Partizánske
Other attractions

In 1988, a public observatory was opened for the public in Partizánske - Malé Bielice, the main focus of which is the popularization of astronomy, astronautics and relate...

9.2 km
Nature trail of Bielické bahná
Other attractions

Bielické bahná is a natural area extending in the town of Partizánske, or more precisely in its part of Velké Bielice. The whole area has the character of a wetland bioto...

15.7 km
Aquila Falconers
Other attractions

Bring yourself to the times of kings, princesses, nobility and skillful falconers. If you want to feel like the fairy tale Falconer Thomas, visit Bojnice.

In Bojnice, yo...

17.6 km
Escape game - The mind of a psychiatrist
Other attractions

The principle of the game is based on logical thinking and teamwork where you become part of a story in which you have to solve many riddles and puzzles in order to escap...

17.7 km
Water World at Sebedražie
Other attractions

Discover the pure nature energy hidden in water, stone and wood. Do you ask where to find it? Surely in the Water World at Sebedražie near Prievidza. The Water World is a...

18.5 km
Escape room Hostel
Other attractions

The escape Room Hostel in Prievidza is an adventurous and fun game for 2-6 member groups of adults and children who love entertainment, tension, hidden items and a pinch ...

20.4 km
Glass open-air museum - Glass dream
Other attractions

Did you hear or see how the molten glass is shaped? Reveal the secrets and discover a unique place where traditional glass crafts are still preserved.

Glass Open-Air Mus...

Valaská Belá
24.4 km
Bowling in Dolinka Inn
Other attractions

Bowling is a sport that all generations can devote to and meet together for fun and relaxation. At first glance, it seems very simple, but throwing a bowling ball right r...

25.1 km
Balls in Brusno
Other attractions

An interesting geological phenomenon, Brusno Sand Balls, can be found in a quarry near the village of Chrenovec-Brusno near Prievidza.

These are mostly spherical but als...

Chrenovec - Brusno
26.5 km
Tetradymite Deposit in Župkov
Other attractions

The picturesque village of Župkov - part of Horný Župkov is rich in beautiful nature, typical rural atmosphere and unique ore wealth. The village lying under the majestic...

27.0 km
Andesite stone sea
Other attractions

A small village of Malá Lehota hides a great natural fortune in its forests - andesite stone sea. In 1975, it was declared a national natural monument.

The Andesite Sea ...

Malá Lehota
28.1 km
Trout paradise
Other attractions

We offer you relaxation in beautiful natural scenery, on the main route Topoľčianky-Skýcov. The facility is located 2 km behind the entering board to Topoľčianky.

Catch ...

28.2 km
Animal park at ranch below Babica
Other attractions

Ranch below Babica in the village of Bojná at the foot of Považský Inovec Mountains lies just 10 km from Topolcany. This place is a kind of hotspot. Every visitor, regard...

29.3 km
Private pond Žikava
Other attractions

We offer rest and relaxation by the water and the opportunity to catch fish in a nice environment near the village of Krásny Majer. Individuals and whole families have th...

30.6 km
Sheep Farm Bzenica - Bukovina
Other attractions

Bukovina Sheep Farm is located at the end of the village of Bukovina, 2 km from the village of Bzenica. If you're just passing by or relaxing in the nearby guest houses a...

31.3 km
Scooters Hrušov Castle - Topoľčianky
Other attractions

Would you like to experience a little excitement with your family and get to know the natural and historical beauty of Slovakia? Head to Topoľčianky and turn right to Hru...

32.1 km
Mineral spring Budiš
Other attractions

Not far from the village of Budiš and in the immediate vicinity of the notorious spa in Turčianske Teplice, there is a publicly accessible source of well-known mineral wa...

32.6 km
Spring of Nitra
Other attractions

Nitra is the fourth longest Slovak river. By 1950, its length was 243 km. In 1950 it was reduced to 197 km by building a canal from Nové Zámky to the west to Váh.

If you...

33.3 km
Brezina Forest Park in Trenčín
Other attractions

Even a busy, spectacular and historically rich city like Trenčín is surrounded by beautiful nature. Brezina Forest Park is also a proof of this. And yet, there is not muc...

33.5 km
Executioner’s house
Other attractions

If you love history and are wondering how once law, justice and order worked in the medieval city of Trenčín, visit Executioner's House. It is not difficult to guess from...

33.7 km
The fountain of Valentine the Nix in Trenčín
Other attractions

In Trenčín, at Štúrovo Square, there is a unique fountain, from which Valentine the Nix peeps at all passers-by.

Valentine the Nix is a fairy-tale waterman dressed in ty...

34.5 km
Escape rooms Trencin
Other attractions

Escape room is an interactive game for a group of people whose main task is to break through various puzzles, figure out interesting connections and finally find an escap...

36.0 km
Maximilian Hell's Observatory and Planetarium
Other attractions

You can experience the fascinating space theatre in Maximilian Hell's Observatory and Planetarium in Žiar nad Hronom. The observatory is mainly focused on the Central Poh...

Žiar nad Hronom
36.0 km
Air Museum in Slavnica
Other attractions

An open-air museum was established at the airport in Slavnica in the Ilava district. The idea of making a museum at the airport came from enthusiasts of Aeroclub Dubnica ...

36.5 km
Travertine in Vyhne
Other attractions

If you are a seeker and admirer of unique natural beauties, you should not miss the wonderful travertine of Vyhne. It is ocated in the picturesque village of Vyhne about ...

37.4 km
Mining Drop of Šturec
Other attractions

The town of Kremnica and its immediate surroundings are known for its former mining activity. This site, thanks to its gold and silver reserves, was one of the most impor...

38.3 km
Geographical center of Europe
Other attractions

In the arms of beautiful nature, in the shade of the surrounding trees, on the hill near the village of Kremnické Bane, there is the Church of St. John the Baptist standi...

Kremnické Bane
38.4 km
Alley of Famous Noses
Other attractions

Unique, the only one in the world, full of humor, but also memories - such is the Alley of Famous Noses in Kremnica. It is a reminder that humour and satire have made peo...

41.2 km
Natural Gallery of Art Pottery
Other attractions

Near Nitra, right in the neoclassical mansion of Pustý Chotár, you can find a unique Slovak gallery - Natural Gallery of Art Pottery. A similar permanent artistic present...

41.3 km
Artificial Geyser
Other attractions

Above the village of Rajecká Lesná, right in the Rajecko-Lesnianská Valley, a stream of water spouts to a height of approximately 10 meters. A unique place with a geyser ...

Rajecká Lesná