The surroundings of the town of Revúca are formed by several hills that attract tourists. However, the most prominent of them is definitely the Kohút Hill, which is also the second highest peak of the Stolické Hills.

It is quite a little visited hill, but it will not disappoint you at all. Its slopes are covered by a dense forest with rich flora, which is transformed by height meters into beautiful purification plants, which are covered with forest glade in the spring. Thanks to its height, you can fully enjoy great views from there.Especially autumn inversions are charming.

The most frequent starting points of the tour are the village of Revúčka (part of Revúca) (about 6.5 km away), the town of Revúca or the villages of Muránska Zdychava and Čierna Lehota.Hike is not demanding, it is just necessary to prepare for a small climb. From Kohút Hill, it is possible to continue to the nearby Stolica Hill.

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