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Things to do and tourist attractions in Slovakia

In today's busy times, going for a trip or vacation with a family or friends is indeed an enjoyable experience. Slovakia is a beautiful country and offers many interesting tourist attractions and activities for our trips.

We often do not know them even we have them literally under our nose. On you can find in one place plenty of tourist attractions and things what to do in Slovakia for tourists of all types and ages.

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Newest attractions and tips for trip

Swimming pool Barnova rika
Lakes and pools

Barnova rika swimming pool is an ideal place for families with children looking for pleasant relaxation during the summer months. There is a 25-meter swimming pool with a...

Zemplínske Hámre
Hámorsk educational trail Zemplínske Hámre
Museums and history

The Hámor educational trail is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about the history of the Zemplín Hámre region. On this 6.8 kilometer route you will be...

Zemplínske Hámre
Zemplinské Hámre Museum
Museums and history

The Museum in Zemplínské Hámre is established in a stone masonry building -the oldest building in the village from the 19th century, which originally served as accommodat...

Zemplínske Hámre
Mine Starovšechsvátych
Museums and history

Starovšechsvätych mine is a unique opportunity to get to know the history of mining craft in Slovakia. The excursion includes both surface and subsurface exposure, you ca...

Hodruša - Hámre
Joint hike to Kozí kamen - 29.4.

We invite you to a joint star ascent to the highest peak of Kozie chrbty - Kozý kamen (1255 m asl). The hike start in the surrounding villages:

  • Rhymes
  • Cows
  • Liptovská Te...
Spišská Teplica
Building May tree in Bachledka 30.4. - 1.5.

Spring in Bachledka will start with a touch of traditions that are part of May 1st. You can look forward to a rich program combined with pleasant folk music. This weekend...

Groundhog meadow
Zoology and botany

Many visitors to the Muránska plain National Park automatically associate the phrases "meadow full of groundhogs" or "groundhog meadow" with the location of Biele vody ne...

Koch's garden
Other attractions

Koch's Garden is located in Bratislava's Old Town over Palisády. It was created in the thirties of the 20th century as part of the sanatorium MUDr. Karol Koch and today i...

Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Horseback riding in Beňušovce
Horses, riding

Lovers of nature and horses will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the form of a horse ride in the vicinity of Beňušovce with wonderful views of Liptov. Our specialty ...

Liptovský Trnovec - Beňušovce
Lakes of love
Other attractions

Few people suspect that there are two smaller water treasures near our most famous and largest Strbské pleso. Lakes of love were originally called Štrba ponds. The founde...

Escape game Koháry's treasure
Other attractions

Do you like mysteries and puzzles? Can you use things in unusual ways? Would you like to discover a treasure? Then this game is for you!

Exercise your brain while uncove...

Bunker Tour
Museums and history

Fiľakovo was a city where people expected to be bombed because there was military production of the highest category. In addition, Fiľakovo was an important railway junct...


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