The time required is approx. 3 hours.
The time required is approx. 3 hours.

Above the old mining village of Kluknava rises the majestic Green Point lookout tower. With a height of 35 meters, it acts as a dominant feature of the entire area and offers charming views of the landscape. An unconventional feature of this attraction is the use of green energy, which is used not only for the operation of the observation tower, but also for visitor services.

Green Point is specific in its way of energy production. As the only observation tower in Slovakia uses natural resources, specifically the power of the wind and the energy of the sun, to produce electricity. This energy can then be used to charge e-bikes or mobile phones of visitors directly in the observatory.

The Green Point lookout is exceptional also with its night lighting. Thanks to the LED outline and line lights, the object is clearly visible even after sunset. The staircase and viewing platform are also illuminated, offering unforgettable views of the night landscape.

The building is open to the public all year round. A blue-marked hiking trail leads to the lookout from the village of Kluknava . The exit from the village from the church measures almost 3 km and will take you approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. This route can be steeper in places, but there is also a less steep approach from Kluknava along the Vyšná dolina asphalt road to the yellow sign and then following the arrows to the lookout.

Visiting Green Point is a great idea not only for families with children, but also for cyclists and everyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful views and support ecological tourism at the same time.

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