• GPS: 48.06105, 17.15405

Rusovce Lake is a popular holiday destination of Bratislava citizens thanks to the pleasant environment of floodplain forests, gravel bedrock and clear water. The lake is located near the Bratislava city district - Rusovce, and is therefore one of the easily accessible recreation areas.

Rusovce lake bursts at the seams, especially during the summer months, when Bratislava citizens come here to refresh, swim or do some water sports. The banks of the lake are mostly grassy with gradual entry into the water.

Thanks to the immediate proximity of the dam it is a popular sought-after place for cyclists and inline skaters. Rusovce lake has no catering or sanitary facilities. The lakes themselves cannot be reached by car. You need to park it at some distance and get here on foot. However, we recommend a nice walk through the forest directly from Rusovce.

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„Pozor na bobre najmä vo večerných hodinách. Plávali popri mne, ale nebolo mi všetko jedno. “

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