The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

The open-air swimming pool in the heart of a nicely landscaped natural scenery - all this is offered by the summer swimming pool in Vrútky. The swimming pool is one of the most popular summer swimming pools in Turiec region.

There are 3 swimming pools in the smaller but refurbished area. One larger swimming pool, a smaller pool for children under 12 years old and a small pool for the smallest children. The water in the pools is crystal-clear, clean and pleasantly refreshing.

The rich grass areas and the nearby playground can be used for football, volleyball and streetball.** Smaller children can chill out on the playground** with jungle gym and parents can enjoy the family atmosphere, the divine peace and the warm sunrays.

Visitors are offered with 2 refreshment buffets, where you can enjoy traditional potato pancakes, hot dogs, langoš, fried cheese or cooked corn. You will quench the thirst with good beer or other chilled drinks.

You may need some: accommodation Vrútky
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