The inhabitants of Bratislava can change the rush of city life at least during the weekend for a relaxing stay in beautiful nature. The favourite location of the White Cross is from the city district of Bratislava - Rača, which is at a stone's throw.

On sunny days, lovers of hiking, walking, cycling and even mothers with baby-strollers or joggers are concentrated here. The route is not demanding and everyone can handle it.

The White Cross area is formed by dense Carpathian forest parks. Several routes lead directly here and the shortest and most popular, about 4km long, starts just in Rača. It takes about 3 hours to get there and back.

When you come here, you can sit in the meadow or have a refreshment at the local buffet Včelín (The Beehouse). Nearby, there is also a site called Sakrakopec, which has become a place of air tragedy, information of which you can get from the information boards.

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Anna Remišová • Feb 2021
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