• Mestský majer 3384/20, Nový Tekov

An attractive setting on the banks of the Hron River is a place where you will experience a plenty of adventures, active relaxation and a symbiosis of nature and animal kingdoms. This is where the Bobi's Ranch was created, offering an unlimited amount of free time activities.

The Bobi's Ranch, open all year round, is located in Nový Tekov, about 15 km northwest of Levice.

Visitors who want to try a ride in a saddle or a lift in a carriage have a chance to walk into the beautiful countryside around the river Hron.

In addition to horseback riding, you can also enjoy a professional off road track, playgrounds, beach volleyball, bowling, tennis, mini golf and many other attractions to entertain not only adults but children too.

There is no lack of good and tasty food. You can choose from up to four gastronomic facilities.

Riding must be booked in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation Nový Tekov
Tourist map (GPS 48.24352, 18.52149)
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