The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

Near the town of Považská Bystrica, town district Považká Teplá, in the heart of the picturesque countryside, the rush of the city is disappearing and turning into a peaceful and charming Manínska Gulley. Manínska Tiesňava is a national natural monument belonging to the Súľovské Hills. It is a popular tourist destination for locals as well as visitors from wide surroundings or even abroad.

The Manínsky creek literally carved the gulley in the course of the millenniums, cutting it into Manínsky boulder and dividing it into two parts - Greater and Little Manín.

It is an area with interesting and specific flora and fauna. Manínska Gulley is also the narrowest canyon in Slovakia. The walls that clench the valley into the narrow ghaut are 400 meters high.

However, if we were to vote for the most beautiful asphalt road in Slovakia, it would be this one running through this gulley. It connects villages of Záskalie, Kostolec and Vrchteplá. Those who come here by car will surely be pleased with the Manín autocamping or several other smaller car parks.

An educational trail also leads through Manín Gulley, which passes through the village of Záskalie to the neighbouring Kostolecká Gulley

The gulley itself hides several caves. Therefore, enthusiastic researchers should definitely not miss a visit of the Partizánska Cave with a beautiful view of Kostolecká Gulley.

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Walter Reap • May 2023
„Len by som chcel upozorniť na zopár nezrovnalostí v popise. 1. Manínska tiesňava nie je v Záskalí, ale v Považskej Teplej, obec Záskalie sa nachádza cca kilometer za tiesňavou. 2. Neexistuje žiadny Manínsky potok, potok, ktorý preteká cez Manínsku tiesňavu sa volá Teplanka, lebo v zime nikdy úplne nezamŕza. Podľa tohto potoku dostala meno aj obec Považská Teplá ležiaca na jeho toku. 3. Nikde v okolí nenájdete vrch Teplá, ale obec Vrchteplá je v okolí pomerne známa.“
Andrej Jurčík • Jul 2022
„Elektrické kolobežky, super zábava s deťmi, určite sa oplatí vyskúšať. Krásna príroda“

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