• Laliky - Rieky, Oščadnica

A fun game for both younger and older, located right in the sports and leisure centre Rodinka (Family) Resort. Adventure golf is an imitation of regular golf without a tee. It is played on artificial grass in the beautiful surroundings of Kysuce.

The principle of the game is the same as in classic golf, with the difference that the tracks are smaller than in real golf. The course has 18 holes, which are interconnected by sidewalks with wooden benches for rest.

There is no danger of boredom in adventure golf. On the contrary, you must equip yourself with a great deal of patience, strategic thinking, and imagination, and prepare yourself for moments of fun, laughter and joy.

And if this is not enough for you, there is also the possibility of climbing on a synthetic wall, a multi-purpose playground and a wellness area.

At the end of the golf season, a golf tournament is always organized in the categories of men, women, juniors, children and families. Thus, each contestant has the opportunity to show how he has been training hard throughout the year.

 Out of season, the area is only open to order. Please inquire by phone.

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