• GPS: 48.46432, 18.34024
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.

The oak forests near Topolčianki are the only place in Slovakia where you can admire the majestic European bison in direct contact with nature. Theseproud animals are the largest European mammals and are related to the American bison. Zubor can reach an impressive length of up to 2.7 meters, a height of 1.9 meters and bulls can weigh up to 1500 kilograms.

According to the international agreement on bison breeding, all bison born in Slovakia are given names that begin with the syllable Si -- e.g. Sibirka, Sigmund, Sivko, Silan, Silvo, etc.

The bison have their favorite habitats within the zoo, which are not always accessible to human eyes. At the feeding facilities, where visitors can see them, they stay mostly only during the feeding time, which is carried out twice a day. The best chance to see bisonlive is at the feeding places at feeding times always at 9:00 and 14:00.

In addition to admiring the bison, Dubové lesy near Topolčianke also offers an educational trail that leads through the bison forest. If you like cycling, you can also come here by bike, because there is a marked cycle path.

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