• GPS: 48.2967, 17.67342

When you were a child, didn't you desire to enter the labyrinth and look for a way out of it? Now is the time to get back to your childhood dream and have fun with your children.

A lot of fun awaits you here. The labyrinth area is 2.5 hectares big and the maze route is 1.9 km long. In the maze, there are tables with puzzles for children placed around, find them together with them and fill in the crossword you get at the entrance. For the successful passage of the labyrinth, finding all the posts and and filled crossword, there is a reward for children prepared.

For older children and adults, we have a contest for the "fastest QR code finder." Verify the orientation skills of your children and experience the time in nature associated with movement and fun.

In addition to the labyrinth, you will also find other attractions like:

  • tractor ride - this attraction will only be available on certain days
  • throwing circles on the posts
  • throwing ball into target
  • focus for toasting (you need to bring your own sausages and bread)
  • ...

The labyrinth is located in the cadastre of Vlčkovce village between Trnava and Sereď at R1 expressway. Direction signs will navigate you or enter GPS coordinates into your navigation.

You may need some: accommodation Vlčkovce
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