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If you want to switch off for a while, relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers, woody plants or other types of flora, we would probably recommend the most famous arboretum in Slovakia. It is ocated in the village of Tesárske Mlyňany in a beautiful environment dominated by the romantic Ambrózy manor house from 1894.

There are more than 2300 species of rare exotic trees in the botanical garden. A characteristic feature of the park is the extensive representation of evergreen trees. These originate in various, climatically different parts of the world.

In addition to dendro-collections, the Mlyňany Arboretum of the Slovak Academy Of Science also manages the building of the Neo-Classicist mansion from 1894, in which, besides the administrative premises on the first floor, there is also a library, the World of Trees classroom, Creative Workshops and Ambrózy's Memorial Room.

The arboretum is the most visited and probably the most beautiful at the end of April and early May. At that time, beautiful rhododendrons bloom, giving the whole area a romantic touch. In addition, many visitors will certainly be enchanted by the East Asian part, where the Caucasus Lake is located, which is completed by massive boulders imported from Demänovská Valley, and Japanese Lake with a pergola.

There is also an information system installed in the park, which offers a voice commentary on arboretum attractions in six European languages.

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