Near Nitra, right in the neoclassical mansion of Pustý Chotár, you can find a unique Slovak gallery - Natural Gallery of Art Pottery. A similar permanent artistic presentation of ceramic works in historical buildings has not yet been found elsewhere in Slovakia.

The Natural Gallery of Art Pottery is the result of international workshops that have been held at the Park Hotel Tartuf since 1999. In the summer of 2007, installation of selected works of art in the exterior of the hotel and mansion has been completed. Visitors can thus admire the artistic artefacts of the artists not only in the exterior, but also in the interior.

The gallery is freely accessible to all visitors of the mansion, hotel, tourists and the general public. In the beautiful and quiet environment of a large park, there are works of famous world and European ceramics and sculptors installed.

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Anonym • Jul 2024
„POZOR!!! Nechoďte, nejazdite, park je zatvorený. Zbytočne sa naštvete. Neseriózny prístup. Zavádzajúce informácie na rôznych propagačných stránkach o využití okolia Topoľčianok. Hotel Tartuf park uzatvoril.“
Peter Pechac • Sep 2022
„Zavreté!! Zase to ma cele kúpené podnikateľ, ktorý zavrel všetko pre verejnosť!! “

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