Lúčanský Waterfall is located in the spa village Lúčky near Ružomberok. The waterfall is a natural monument that belongs to the territory of TANAP (Tatra National Park) and belongs to the five Slovak waterfalls that can boast of this title.

Another rarity is the fact that it is located in the middle of the village and falls from a travertine terrace from a height of 12 meters into a small lake. As a result, the Lúčansky Waterfall is extremely beautiful and photogenic.

You can easily get to Lúčanský Waterfall by car, because there is also a small car park nearby. Most of all, however, you will enjoy a visit to the Lúčanský Waterfall if you come here on foot or by bike.

Lúčanský Waterfall is also a great attraction for families with children. Near the waterfall, there is also a wellness center or another interesting attraction - Lúčanské travertines.

You may need some: accommodation Lúčky (district Ružomberok)
Tourist map (GPS 49.1297, 19.4031)
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„Celkom pekne uz som tam raz bol . Uprostred dedini hhah“
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„Nikdy som tam nebola (mame robiť na to projekt s obj)“
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„Ten vodopád je veľmi krásny 😮😲😲 Už som tam bola, neuveriteľné 😲😲😲“

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