• Bobrovník 140, Bobrovník

Take advantage of the Marina Liptov rental and water sports center and turn your ordinary day to special one spent on the water. Come and enjoy the popular sightseeing cruise with the captain of the Liptovská Mara on the Sun Tracker catamaran. The captain will tell you about the history of the creation of Liptovska Mara and will guide you through all the bays.

The boat capacity is 12 people, the cruise lasts about 1 hour and we operate daily in July and August. In case of bad weather the cruise is cancelled and of course the money is refunded.

In our center you can rent a boat, jet ski or SUP board or bike. Most of our boats do not require professional competence and are intended for everyone except for few exceptions .

You may need some: accommodation Bobrovník
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