The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Beautiful nature, unique moments, awesome experiences and charming views - all of this is offered by Lookout below Kamzík Hill. It is located in a popular recreation and relaxation place - in the area of American Square, surrounded by dense forest. It is only a few meters away from the bustling city life of Bratislava.

The lookout reaches a height of 15 meters and has a wooden construction. You can climb to three altitudinal floors, from which you always have a different view. The best one, of course, is from the top floor. You can take pleasure in the view of the northern part of Bratislava. Sunrises and sunsets certainly have their unique charm here as well.

Below the lookout, on the meadow, there are several fireplaces, benches with tables and a shelter. There is quite a lot of space on the meadow where you can play various ball games or lay out a blanket for a picnic. Children will appreciate ping - pong table or spring swing.

There are several routes leading to the lookout tower. You can easily get there on your foot, but the bike will certainly make you a good partner too. You can reach the lookout tower by a red hiking trail that leads to Kamzik and starts at the Red Bridge.

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