The wooded hill Kamzík is a popular walking and relaxing place for the inhabitants of the city of Bratislava who go to this beautiful piece of nature especially during the weekends

With a 200-meter-high TV tower set on top of it, this hill is just unmistakable. There is also a viewing platform on the tower, at a height of 70 meters, where you can get by a llift. The tower offers a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding area.

According to the vast residential area on the slope directly below the forest, the locals call it also "Koliba" (The Chalet). The beautiful forest park attracts not only walking tourists, but also runners and cyclists. There are several sports facilities, accommodation and catering facilities in the area too.

In winter, there is a very popular ski meadow, known as the Training Meadow. In summer, you can use the 360-meter-long summer bobsled track. Next to the track, there is Ropeland - ropeways on trees at different heights above the ground, where adrenaline sports lovers can try theit courage and skill, but children can do it too.

The chairlift from Železná studnička also runs to the top of Kamzík. The journey takes 8.4 minutes. You can also take a bicycle or a stroller on the cable car. In addition, there are also undemanding marked hiking trails from Lamač, Devín through Devínska Kobyla and Slavín, or from the main railway station via Koliba.

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