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The city of Košice is linked with a rich history of aviation. This was one of the reasons why the first Aviation Museum was established in the area of Košice Airport. It is located directly in the hangars provided by the Military Aviation Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik for museum purposes. The museum has been operating here since 2002 and documents the development of aviation technology since 1943.

The museum has an exposition consisting of more than 30 historical machines, as well as a collection of 18 original aircrafts located not only indoors but also outdoors. There is also an exhibition of road transport, where you can admire both motorized and non-motorized historical means of transport.

A special and probably the most interesting part is The Gallery of Presidential Aircraft, which was created thanks to the support of the former President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster, as well as a collection of original military aircrafts, types MIG-15, MIG-21, helicopters. -15 TM.

The museum also provides an interesting and engaging approach to the development of aviation, from man's first attempts to get into the air by various technical means to the development of space and rocket technology. The Museum is a branch of the Slovak Technical Museum Košice.

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