• Vysokoškolákov 8, Žilina

Near the city center of Žilina, there is a sports complex, which besides the Sports Hall is dominated by the City Indoor Swimming Pool.

It offers visitors a 50-meter indoor swimming pool, part of which is also used by swimming schools, primary schools and high schools for swimming lessons, sports clubs and swimming training organizations.

The swimming pool also has its own summer area, which usually opens its gates from June to September. Two outdoor 50 meter swimming pools and a water attraction in the form of a toboggan are fully available to visitors.

You can also use the sun parlor service in the swimming pool area, warm yourself up in the sauna or actively relax while playing mini-golf. There is also an excellent AquaPro shop with swimming and diving needs in the swimming pool lobby.

Of course, there are also showers, dressing rooms with lockers and sanitary facilities, all maintained and clean.

It sounds incredible, but Žilina was the first city in Czechoslovakia that had an indoor Olympic pool. It was built in 1963, but since the, it has undergone a total refurbishment.

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