One of the few hiking trails dedicated to Slovak nestors of tourism is Janko Bojmir's walkway. He was born in 1887 in Jazernica and was versatile active as a tourist, designer, publicist and photographer.

The blue-marked hiking trail named after this prominent Slovak designer has a beginning in the cottage settlement of Gader from where it continues through "Konský dol" and the Muráň massif towards Tlstá Hill (1,373 m asl) with impressive views. It continues alongside the Mažarná Cave and ends in Gaderská near Blatnica Castle and village of Blatnice.

Even though the trail is rising slightly at the beginning, there are sections where you will definitely not be bored and test your skill prowess.

Especially the section that winds and rises between the smaller and larger cliffs, rocks, or caves is the most demandind. The rising altitude is felt in the air and in the bones too.

After a heavy ascent to Tlstá Hill, your abilities will be tested by the steep descent, which is enriched by a steep rocky section and chains to hold. The footpath under the rock overhang is then again milder and the smile on your face conjures up a beautiful cave of Mažarná.

During the summer days, this beautiful but challenging hike will delight you by refreshment in the Gader Creek.

You may need some: accommodation Blatnica
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