One of the most famous and most visited valleys of the Greater Fatra is Gaderská Valley. At its end, you will find an interesting rocky portal - the Čertová brána (Devil's Gate). If you pass through the gate you will find yourself literally in paradise.

A walk through the Gaderská dolina valley is undemanding as asphalt road leads there, so it is also suitable for families with small children, mothers with buggy, cyclists, runners and skaters.

The culmination and imaginary cherry on the cake of this valeey is turistic sought after rock formation called Čertova brána (Devil's Gate). The scenery of two tall and massive boulders, which are only so far apart from each other that only road leads between them, is a lifetime experience.

The Devil's Gate can be reached by a marked path from the tourist signpost at the mouth of the Dedošova Valley. Then you have to go through the whole charming Gaderská Valley and after the third gamekeeper's lodge, the Gaders Valley ends and branches to Dedošova Valley and Selenec Valley. From there, it is only less than 10 minutes to the Devil's Gate.

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