The Romanesque church in Kalinčiakovo is considered one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. The ancient church dates back to the mid-12th century and attracts attention not only of tourists, but also of preservationists.

It is located at the main road from Levice towards Kalinčiakovo (town part of Levice), on the right side on elevated territory. Its surroundings are diversified with greenery and woody plants.

From the architectural point of view, the church consists of a Romanesque semi-circular apse and a longitudinal, straight-roofed aisle. Inside the church, there is an organ from the Classicist period and a worship vessels from the 17th-19th century.

During the reconstruction in 1932, Romanesque windows and a portal were found in this medieval sacral building. Apart from the Romanesque building elements,** the partially preserved floor of hardpacked clay** is still a unique feature of the church interior.

Interestingly, when digging the foundations for a family house near the church, a cemetery with tombs dated to 10-12th century was discovered . It is said that the church was to be connected by an underground passage with Levice Castle.

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