9.7 km
Natural Iodine Spa Číž
Lakes and pools
The Číž Spa is truly unique in its kind and has a rich history behind. The spa complex is located near the Hungarian border, in a beautiful park maintained all year round...
10.5 km
Kurinec Recreation Center (Zelená voda)
Lakes and pools
Only a short distance from Rimavská Sobota is the well-known and popular recreation area Kurinec - Zelená voda. It opens its doors during the summer months. It is sought ...
Rimavská Sobota
13.3 km
Indoor swimming pool in Rimavská Sobota
Lakes and pools
The indoor swimming pool in Rimavská Sobota is located near the river Rimava and is a popular place for sports activities during the winter season. A 25-meter swimming p...
Rimavská Sobota
15.5 km
Beach Swimming Pool in Tornaľa - out of service
Lakes and pools
DURING THE SUMMER SEASON 2023, THE SWIMMING POOL, INCLUDING THE CAMPSITE, IS OUT OF SERVICE!! Summer beach swimming pool in Tornaľa is a popular place for Slovak and for...
18.5 km
Water reservoir of Teplý Vrch
Lakes and pools
The water reservoir of Teplý vrch (The Warm Hill), which was built on the Blh River between the villages of Teplý vrch, Budikovany and Drienčany, has the highest average ...
Teplý Vrch
24.2 km
Swimming Pool Bretka - Closed
Lakes and pools
DUE TO TECHNICAL REASONS, THE BRETKA SWIMMING POOL IS OUT OF OPERATION IN THE 2023 SEASON! The Bretka swimming pool is located in the village of Gemerská Panica and its ...
Gemerská Panica
30.2 km
Town swimming pool in Poltár
Lakes and pools
In Poltár, there is a modern swimming pool with extensive area and additional services. The summer season starts every year in early June and lasts until mid-September. ...
30.5 km
Swimming Pool Gemerská Hôrka
Lakes and pools
The summer swimming pool located in the village of Gemerská Hôrka is a popular recreational and regeneration area not only for locals but also for people from a wide area...
Gemerská Hôrka
32.4 km
Summer swimming pool in Hnúšťa
Lakes and pools
The summer swimming pool of Hnúšťa is located in a pleasant environment - ideal for relaxation or doing sports. It opens its gates regularly with the first stable summer ...
35.4 km
Thermal pool Novolandia
Lakes and pools
Novolandia Thermal Pool is located in Rapovce, 7 km from the district town of Lučenec. The thermal water here has a unique composition similar to sea water - it is salty,...
37.7 km
Summer swimming pool in Klenovec
Lakes and pools
The summer swimming pool in the village of Klenovec opens its gates with the first stable summer rays. The swimming pool is surrounded by the nature of the Vepor Hills an...
37.8 km
Municipal swimming pool in Lučenec
Lakes and pools
The municipal swimming pool in Lučenec is among the locals, despite the larger surrounding resorts,a very popular and popular summer swimming pool with a pleasant atmosph...
38.9 km
Ľadovo Water Dam
Lakes and pools
The edge of the town of Lučenec gets its finishing touch with the vast water surface of the Ľadovo Water Dam, which originated on the Tuhár stream. Nowadays, there is als...
40.4 km
Swimming pool in Revúca
Lakes and pools
Swimming pool in Revúca offers recreation, relaxation and water fun only during the summer season. There are 2 swimming pools:
  • 33-meter swimming pool
  • 15-meter children...
46.1 km
Ružiná Dam
Lakes and pools
One of the many water reservoirs in Slovakia is the Ružiná water reservoir located in the patulous arms of the Lučenec Basin. The Ružiná reservoir is named after the vil...
47.2 km
Swimming Pool in Rožňava
Lakes and pools
Summer swimming pool in Rožňava can offer its visitors a beautiful and quiet environment and a true summer well-being in the open air. Four pools are built in the large ...