• Športová ulica, Lučenec

The municipal swimming pool in Lučenec is among the locals, despite the larger surrounding resorts,a very popular and popular summer swimming pool with a pleasant atmosphere and a nice environment.

Summer artificial swimming pool in Lučenec is located on Športová street behind the football stadium. It serves for sports - swimming and relaxation purposes. The swimming pool is only open during the summer season.

There are two swimming pools. The non-swimm / recreational pool of 25m x 12.5 m and depth of 1.3 m is intended for recreational purposes. The second, children's pool, is 0.4 m deep and is designed for children under 6 years. The pool water is heated by solar collectors and offers the right summer refreshment.

The pool area is grassed and serves both for relaxation and sunbathing, as well as for smaller sports activities. However, much more sports are available at the beach volleyball court, mini-football pitch, badminton court or you can also play table tennis.

For children, there is a bouncy castle, a playground with a slide, jungle gyms and swings.

You can quench your hunger in 3 buffet facilities offering seating and traditional pool delicacies and chilled drinks or ice cream.

In reserved days, the summer swimming pool also organizes night swimming.

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