• Brodno 396, Žilina

The ranch is located 5 km from Žilina near the main road towards town of Čadca in close proximity to Kysuce Gate. It is directly under the forest and has its own pond.

In the ranch, there is an animal farm, where you can find many animals. Don't expect just common domestic animals like horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits.

In the runs, you will also find wolves, eagle owl, snow owl and even exotic animals such as lions, tigers and their cubs, monkeys and llamas and many other animals.

You can view the animals, learn about them, and take a photo with them.

After visiting the farm, the children can have fun on a trampoline, swings, a hut on chicken legs, spiral riding grounds, cars or they may build castles or bake cakes in a sandbox. While the children play on the playground, parents can sit in the pleasant surroundings of the garden restaurant with a rich menu of tasty food.

If you are a skilled fisherman, do not miss the opportunity to catch trout from the pond and prepare it.

Sports based visitors are advised to play tennis, badminton or football-tennis. And if it is still not enough and want to get to know the surrounding forests, go hiking or cycling.

You may need some: accommodation Žilina
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