A trip to Brankovský Waterfall could be characterized as a simple hike / walk suitable for families with children. The waterfall is located in the beautiful Low Tatras, in the village of Podsuchá, which is situated 7 km from Ružomberok.

Brankovský Waterfall is 55 meters high waterfall of Low Tatras. It is attractive both in winter and summer, but sometimes it does not flow from rock during dry season. On the contrary, in winter it turns into a beautiful frozen icefall just like taken from a fairy tale.

The ascent to the waterfall itself takes only 25-30 min. It starts at Podlesok, where you follow the green tourist sign. Just in front of the waterfall, you will be greeted by an information board, which will inform you not only of the waterfall itself, but also of the surrounding fauna and flora, or the fascinating fame about kuruc soldiers, from the times of Austria - Hungary.

You may need some: accommodation Ružomberok
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Anonym • Jul 2020
„Je vhodný pre rodiny a deťmi, ale vek detí by mal byť minimálne 6 rokov nakoľko sme tam boli s trojročnou a priamo k vodopádu sme ísť nemohli, lebo tam boli šmykľavé kamene a korene. “

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