The highest peak of Veporské Hills, Fabova hoľa, is a charming location that offers the possibility of beautiful hiking in the protected nature area. Fabova hoľa is part of the Fabova hoľa Nature Reserve and the Muránska planina National Park.

Fabova hoľa is characterized mainly by dense and rare spruce and spruce - pine forests, which are home to many mountain beasts as well as rare and protected species of animals.

The territory is one of the landscape dominants of the Slovak Ore Mountains, with its characteristic upland to highland relief. Although Fabova hoľa exceeds all the surrounding hills, there is no view from it due to the dense forest.

The slope of Fabova hoľa is formed by picturesque mountain seclusions, which is made up of fairy-tale wooden houses, cottages and chalets. However, during the ascent you can also enjoy beautiful views of the valley or the surrounding hills, especially in the saddle below the summit.

The ascent to Fabova hoľa can be started in one of three starting points, from Pohronská Polhora, Polomka or from the train station in the Zbojská saddle. The route to the top of Fabova hoľa is marked by a tourist trail and the ascent is not demanding. The length of the ascent is approximately 6-7 km.

You may need some: accommodation Pohronská Polhora
Tourist map (GPS 48.77279, 19.88498)
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Martin Pančík • Oct 2020
„Výstup trvá 40 minút až hodinu, sú tam popadané stromy, cez ktoré sa na daktorých miestach nedá ani prejsť, ba ani obísť. Je to tak zo všetkých strán. Najpriaznivejšia trasa je na to všetko po trase od Kučelachu, cez Tri kopce. “

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