Most visitors come to Rajecké Teplice mainly because of their wellness, thermal bath or attractive culture. However, the beautiful nature and the associated tourism are inherent for Rajecké Teplice too.

The Skalky hill (Little Rocks) offers a very pleasant walk. This wooded hill with special rock formations is a popular tourist place of the locals as well as the visitors of the swimming pool, especially in summer.

After a pleasant, undemanding walk on the forest road taking about 20 minutes, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Rajecká Valley and the charming ruins of the Lietava Castle.

On the top of Skalka, there is a spring covered with a shelter with a table, benches and even a supply of wood for camping.

It is possible to walk on the ridge a bit and so observe very monumental rock formations and rock walls. They are especially popular with local mountaineers.

You may need some: accommodation Rajecké Teplice
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