• Kolkáreň 58, Podbrezová

Water and summer fun in Horehronie region is offered by the swimming pool in Podbrezová, located in the Kolkáreň housing estate. It is separated from urban bustle by an alley of trees and surrounding mountains, which means that visitors may fully enjoy the natural beauty. The swimming pool is only open during the summer season.

There are three pools built in the premises - one large and two children's. The water temperature in the pools is very pleasant and warm, ranging from 26 ° C to 34 ° C. For relaxation and sunbathing, there is a grassy area, but there is also the possibility of renting loungers.

In addition to swimming, holidaymakers can enjoy beach volleyball, badminton, speedminton and table tennis.

Refreshments with non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverages, ice cream and fast food is provided by the buffet, which is part of the complex.

You may need some: accommodation district Brezno
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