In Volovske Hills, there is a popular hiking place called Biela skala (White Rock). The sought-after hill is characterized by its limestone boulder walls falling into the Poráčska Valley.

The hill of Biela skala is quite forested, but from its meadow peak, there is a limited but very nice view of the Slovinky Rock, the ridge of Hnilecké Mountains (Krompašský Hill, Ostrý Hill and Havrania hlava - Raven Head), Kojšovská hoľa and village of Slovinky.

For tourists there are benches for relaxation and there is a wooden cross about 3 meters high. You can also enroll in the summit book, which is located in the stainless steel box on the signpost.

Impressive limestone rock cliffs are* located below the view point. The surrounding forests are overgrown during summer and *full of berries**, mushrooms, blueberries, cranberries, wild strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, but also various medicinal and protected plants.

You can reach the White Rock on the marked hiking trails from the town of Krompachy and from the villages of Slovinky and Spišské Vlachy. The shortest is one from Slovinky (about 2 km).

You may need some: accommodation Slovinky
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