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Northeastern Slovakia is a paradise for wooden churches. There are several of these rare historic sites. One of them is the Greek Catholic wooden church of St. Paraskevi, which was built in 1773.

As is the case with wooden churches, this classic three-part log building is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the village of Potoky, not far from towns of Stropkov and Svidník. On the way to the church, there is also an information board that leads you to the right direction.

Inside the temple, there is a beautiful iconostasis from the mid-18th century that is gilded. It consists of five rows of icons. It is listed as a cultural monument. In the middle of the temple, there are two winged doors with six medallions, four of which are dedicated to Evangelists and two medallions are related to Annunciation.

The temple area is surrounded by a low stone fence. There is also a separate bell tower next to the temple. The Church of St. Paraskevi is part of a set of East Slovak wooden churches registered in the list of national cultural monuments.

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