A small village of Malá Lehota hides a great natural fortune in its forests - andesite stone sea. In 1975, it was declared a national natural monument.

The Andesite Sea is unique in its genesis, its front being the best preserved. This unique geological-geomorphological formation probably arose in the Post-tertiary period by frost decay of the lava flow.

If you approach the andesite sea closer, you will find that the stones on the bottom shimmer as the water surface in the sun. This is because quartz particles have also been mixed into the solidifying magma.

In the past, this andesite stone sea was of much larger area than today. Before declaring it to natural monuments, people have dismantled part of it to obtain building materials for their houses. Anyway, even the current size of is impressive for many visitors.

Andesite stone sea is easily accessible from Malá Lehota. You can also follow the Vojšín Educational Trail, which begins in the village of Stará Huta (part of Nová Baňa) and its last stop is this stone sea.

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