The recreation centre of Remata is bounded by the low but very popular mountain of Bralova Rock. As its name suggests, the dominant feature of this hill are massive rocks.

From the partially deforested peak, there are nice views of the surroundings, especially the Handlová valley, Turčianska Valley, Prievidza and the surrounding peaks of Žiar, Little Fatra, Kremnické vrchy and Vtáčnik.

The rock itself is not safety bounded, and therefore it is necessary to be careful, because there is a danger of falling. Under the top, there is a 3 km long single-track railway tunnel on the Prievidza - Horná Štubňa line.

You can start climbing the Rock Rock at the REMATA Hotel via the yellow marked trail. There is a 1 km long medium-demanding route via the mountain path through the forest and rocks. The starting point can be Sklené, Ráztočno, Handlová and Kunešov.

You may need some: accommodation Ráztočno
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